Spiritual Leadership in a Secular World: Utilize Your Spiritual Influence — No Comments

    • Hello brother, John.
      Thank you so much for the continued support.
      Just last night we were studying the character of the Church as it relates to the character of God. One point pressed the fact that the Trinity, the family and the church are defined as a relationship. Thinking on that made me wonder why leaving a local church body results in the members of that body as a group tend to consider the family links broken.
      You, and only a few others, have remained in contact. This is what real Christian brotherhood is all about. The family of God is never limited to a single church body. Bless you, my friend for remaining in contact as should be the manner of all Christians.
      Yet I too have been guilty of failing to reach out. In the past, many people have left a church body wherein I was a member, yet I remain in contact with but a few. Did I somehow come to think that the ones I did not contact were no longer my friends or brothers in Christ?
      How sad is this reflection on any church group, and is it no surprise that church bodies fight one another. Let us learn, as have you brother John, to keep the lines of Christian communication open and functional.

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