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 Looking for a resting place, a table in wilderness or a chance to heal; the SLCC Sojourner blog will help.

Christian articles by rm harrington and other Christian leaders.The Spiritual Leadership With Christian Character sojourner blog is designed to bring Christian fellowship, Christian teachings, and user input to and from those who are sojourners in this barren world. Yet we don’t say that the wonders of creation should depress and oppress. Sure. Sin abounds. But so to does the grace of Christ.

As a traveler passing through the pages of the SLCChome sojourner blog, take time to share the blessings God has passed your way. It you have a word to pass to others, contact rm harrington at http://slcchome.com/church/contact-us. Request for upgrade to author status.

Why do we require that registered members of the sojourner blog request status upgrade before posting? Simply put: this site is constantly under attack by those who would undermine the word of God. Thus a little personal communication helps me assure that I do not open the doors for someone wishing to post foul language, filthy images, or other such trash.

This does not mean censorship. Authors are welcome to post arguments against the Christian faith or arguments in favor of the Christian faith. I am certain that the word of God will withstand any closeup scrutiny.

So stop by. Make Spiritual Leadership With Christian character your daily journey through the sojourner blog. We will be here, writing, sharing messages from respected teachers, and looking forward to your input.

Join the slcchome sojourner blog today. The core of Spiritual Leadership with Christian Character (http://slcchome.com) is about teaching and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.