September 23, 2012

Except the Lord Build the House

Passage: Psalm 127:1-2, Genesis 12:1-3

Did the Lord Build Your Church Assembly

Will you let the Lord Build your worship center?

Download "Except the Lord Build the House,"

This is the first message RM Harrington delivered to a live church audience. Others have followed, but were not recorded. Mr. Harrington has spoken at various different churches, taught Sunday School, lead door-to-door visitations, and lead in several local bible study groups.

To implode is to collapse violently inward. For many local church bodies, as well as this nation, implosion marks the point of failure. Except the Lord build the house, men will bring it to destruction. Only prayer can help our nation but perhaps this brief message will help prevent the imploding church effect in your local assembly.

Salvation comes not from the power of your personal delivery of the message but rather from the power of the Message itself backed by the conviction of the Holy Spirit. The less a man considers himself, the greater will work that supernatural power of God (1 Corinthians 2:1-5). Let the Lord Build your knowledge, education and understanding of His great plan.

It’s not roses out here, my fellow Christian sojourner. Sometimes the water overflows the ship, and sometimes the ship actually sinks. Let not a bad experiences cripple your spiritual growth or your commitment to love and honor both God and His people. Let the Lord build your house.


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