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Chip Demetri music stirs the mind, soul and spirit. But when did it being? What is the history of this wonderfully gifted Christian music artist?
It began in the early years of his life and took on great headway during the time that Chip attended college at the University of Texas. It was there, in college, that this talented musician met the wife of his life. They married in December of 94, but even before life as a married couple, together, they served the Lord and rejoiced as God began to lay the foundation of their shared ministry involving music and worship, service and Christian outreach.
After a short term in Russia as English teachers and ministers of the Gospel, Chip Demetri and his wife, Peggy, returned to live in Nashville, Tennessee. There, the couple helped plant the West End Community Church where Chip served as Missions and Worship Pastor for four years. Altogether, they lived in Nashville for seven years in which time God blessed them with three children: Joshua, Zachary and Nathan.
The excitement in Chip Demetri music has been enjoyed around the globe as this minister traveled and witnessed a global harvest in the name of Jesus Christ. In fact, after leaving Nashville, the family moved to Cusco, Peru where they servered with Missions International for three years. Then it was back to Nashville for a brief rest before moving on to Eugene, Oregon and a four year mission there.
For the people who have been touched by Chip Demetri music and his pastoral ministry, the evidence of a Godly ministry lives on. Currently, Chip is serving on the staff of Greentree Community Church in Kirkwood, Missouri. Herein Spiritual Leadership with Christian Character has been permitted to share some of the Chip Demetri worship songs. You are free to download and share these words of praise and rejoicing in the Lord. You are not at liberty to use them in a manner that reaps profit for you or for your organization. And after you download, take time to visit Mr. Demetri’s various websites. Learn more about his music, his family, and the God of our forefathers to which he serves.

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  Links to Chip Demetri Music Feeds and Internet Presences

New and Old Chip Demetri Music Feed

Chip on LinkedIn

Demetri Family Website

Chip Demetri’s Overview

  • Worship Director at Greentree Community Church
  • Worship Pastor at Norkenzie
  • Missionary / Teacher (Cusco, Peru) at Missions International
  • Worship & Missions Pastor at West End Community Church
  • Worship Leader at Christ Community Church
  • The University of Texas at Austin
  • Lake Highlands High School

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