Andrew Kwon, Impacting Others Through Christian Music

Andrew Kwon Christian Music LeaderAndrew Kwon, winner of Best Song in the 2014  Akademia Music Awards, category “Contemporary Christian,” resides in Portland, Oregon. Married for 11 years as of 2014, Andrew has two daughters, Selah and Julia. seemingly raised on music, Mr Kwon joined Korean pop group SPR in his late teens. The gig ran for three years in which time Andrew Kwon sang lead vocalist on a tour that touched nearly every area in Korea.
But the most important movement of all took place in the year 2000 shortly after Mr. Kwon moved back to the U.S. He was at a men’s church retreat when the old man ran headon into the full truth of Jesus Christ. Andrew Kwon came to understand that his musical talents were given by God as a means of touching the lives of others. Thus in time this talented musical artists collaborated with recording What will be the wrath of Godproducer Youngjin Choi to produce some of the most moving and gentle Christian music on the Internet. It started in 2004 when the two artists released their first album, “Armor of God.” The Andrew Kwon message is simple, clear and sure… There is hope and faith in Jesus Christ.
Help me support young Mr. Kwon. Andrew doesn’t mind sharing his music and even offers free downloads of his favorite creations. Right now he is offering free access to the following three singles:

“You Must Be Logged In To Download”

Mighty Rain is a brand new Andrew Kwon release. You are free to download and share these three songs but you may not sell them or box them in any set of “for sale” music. These songs are a gift from Mr. Kwon. Please respect his copyright and ownership.

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