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Sometimes Christian’s talk about who they are in Christ. At times discussions about Christian Character fail to include a walk that follows the talk. I’m not here to spread verbiage about myself. This page defines the core of Spiritual Leadership’s Christian doctrine. Get to know teacher Raymond Michael Harrington. I met Jesus on the concrete floor of a Country jail cell. That was thirteen-plus years ago. These pages reflect my hopes, visions, teachings and growth process. If you too are a Christian church sojourner, we have much in common. If you are lost and do not know Jesus Christ as savior, we too have much in common, for I know both the sinner’s path and the the path of the redeemed.
Christian Character - Charles Swindoll
This site is about Christian Character and how it should affect every Christian on any given day or night just as much as it should affect Spiritual Leadership in any given Christ-focused church assembly. Good Christian character involves the struggle of walking the Christian walk while fighting Christian battles in what is sometimes a dishonest, deceived and spiteful church environment. Christians with principles know how to discern right from wrong by rightly dividing the Word of God. Living in Christian character is about:

  • Being true to your words
  • Upfront in your dealings with others
  • Bold enough to speak out when necessary with the certainty that God deals with the fallout
  • And binding it all together in the spirit of practical and applied love.

Am I successful in this endeavor to walk with Christian Character? Most likely no more than any of you. Whereas I am honest to a fault, I struggle to be gentle for my nature is to be blunt. Whereas I keep my word, I find that a lack of patience often hinders my ability to treat others with loving kindness. Whereas I am bold in speaking spiritual truths, I sometimes wait until the fire is too strong for the flesh to contain, thus I end up hammering rather than teaching. Whereas I strive always to be upfront in my dealings with others, frank discussions typically bring much offense. Yet all of these things are the key to good Christian Character. If you cannot examine self and identify strengths and weakness, one can never take control of the flesh.

Living in the Here and Now Without Embracing Christian Pride

Christian Character is also about living in this world while hoping for a better home in heaven. Not only are we church sojourners, we are also part of the body of redeemed sojourners awaiting the trumpet of the Risen Savior. Yet we live in the now and present age of this world. We are spiritual people in fleshly temples, sojourners dedicated to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those not yet aware of eternal certainties. Although we keep our lamps filled and ready, we do not point into the sky as though our salvation ended the need for earthly labor.
People with right Christian Character do not live with the mindset of “I got mine, Lord. Now let’s get out of here.” To wait only for His return is a fools journey and a lazy man’s vision of why we remain on this earth (Acts 1:10,11; 1 Thessalonians 4:11). Such self-center thinking dishonors the sacrifice of Christ. Be ready always for the final trumpet to sound, but remember the reason you remain here even unto this day. You are not called to seek quick exit while leaving the 1,000s of 1,000s and 10s of 10,000s as though they are dirt unworthy of tasting in the long-suffering of Christ. Remember the grace and long-suffering that permitted you to come into the presence of the Lord. Seek the same for others.

Understanding What Christian Character Means

The Christian Character of John MacAuthur
In these pages, we will discuss Spiritual Leadership, Christian Character and how these things really relate to the Scriptures, the Holy Spirit, God the Father and Jesus Christ the risen sacrifice. It’s not my story, though it may at times reveal my testimony and my faiths. My name is Raymond Michael Harrington. I write under the pen of RmHarrington. The pages herein reflect how I believe the Scriptures define expected Christian behavior in ther homes, places of business, towns, states, around the world, and in local church assemblies. Let us understand how to respond:

  • To the written Word of God
  • Toward other Christians
  • Toward the lost world
  • Before Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
  • AND Toward a struggling organized religious environment that sometimes appears broken, mismanaged and scattered.

Christian Character and a Loving God

Isn’t it about time you settled in for a long drink from an honest Christian watering hole? I’ve been in your shoes, experienced the some of the same frustrations you may know. I understand the conflicts that come with trying to love without deceit or some alternative agenda. Ask questions. Join in with your own posts. So long as your words are wholesome, do not slander individuals by name or by reference that can lead others to derive that name, and so long as your words honor God by remaining honest through sincere love, you are welcome here.
God is not a sadists. How can He who cared for you when you was His enemy, not care even more now that you are his beloved. Humble yourself. Pray. Seek his face. Turn from wickedness. But never let anyone convince you that growing near to God is about pleading from a bloody gutter for a moments attention and concern by a harsh and distant deity who can only be reached by beggars .
“By this we know,” the scriptures record, “that our prayers are heard, that we keep his commandments.” Yet we know also that we all to often fail to walk the Christian path. In fact, there is only one way we can keep his commandments in entirety: We accept the obedience of Christ as our own, and by this we can indeed know that our prayers are heard. “And if we know that our prayers are heard,” continues the Spirit, “we know that we have received the supplications for which we have asked.”
God does not need another sacrifice, but rather a people who will repent and obey (1-Samuel 15:22; Hosea 6:6; Matthew 9:13). And how shall men obey if they do not first learn to trust rather than to beg.
Come in. Learn about Christian Character from someone who struggles daily with the same issues that trouble you and thousands of other Christian Sojourners.

Notes on Pulpit Honesty and Christian Character

C.S. Lewis Man W Christian character
Although Paul often includes in his letters the credentials of his calling as the apostle to the gentiles, he makes clear that this is a matter of grace rather than a matter of personal skill, worth or leadership qualities (Ephesians 3:1-7). Modern pastors who emulate Paul’s statement of anointing would do well to study the full contents of its use. Likewise, in the 22 times that Jesus used the expression, “I tell you the truth,” as in John 16:7, he is merely emphasizing the importance of the preceding statement as well as the repetition that will follow. He means that you should “hear the open honesty” in His heart.
Yet in modern terms, the same same wordage typically reflects an attempt to convince self and others that an untruth is a truth.
Now we know that men fail, yet my spirit shivers when church leaders flamboyantly proclaim an anointing or when simple words are routinely backed up with, “I tell you the truth.”  In most cases, honest words spoken by men and women with true Christian character stand by action rather than repetition. Let us judge what we speak so that we be not judged for failing to keep our word, failing to respond according to our previously spoken words or merely find ourselves guilty of rambling about self rather than Christ.
I want you here. I want you to respond and/or contribute to these pages with character and honor. Tell the truth because that is what men should do. If you are anointed to write or teach, it will shine through the words without need for self-boasting. And above all, contribute from a loving heart. Not spoken words of love, but rather love evidenced by your daily lifestyle. For example: How can you know a church member for ten years, speak words of love, and yet never even know how many children they have or where they live or why they come to your church or what makes them ill on one day but not the next, and the list goes on and on.
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