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Although I do hope to share some of my own Practical Christian messages via this sermons and Podcasts page, the work of so many Spirit-filled teachers is easy to come by and to share for free. And this website is not about rmharrington. It is about men with Christian character sharing sound Christian doctrine with church Sojourners, weary Christians and the lost people throughout the world… in a way that presents the practical and real side of walking with the Lord.

In fact, there is so much to be learned from what has already been said, that it will be a while before I get time to offer any of my own input in video or audio format. But fear not, I will make sufficient time for locating and posting for your ears, eyes and free downloading, a host of teachers who believe that Salvation and the responsible Christian response demands in-depth, well thought out, Practical Christian teachings.

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We aren’t in this world to settle into an imploding church assembly. We must help, nurture and love one another but we must also work to help every single church member and passing-thru church Sojourner find how to best use their spiritual gifts in an outreach that extends both into the core of the assembly and into the far reaches of the outer world.  




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