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Welcome to the website of Spiritual Leadership Ψ Christian Character

Spiritual Leadership with Christian Character provides a worldwide watering hole for lost and saved people alike, including the disillusioned Christians wandering between churches. Although you should never  give up on finding a community church assembly into which your personality can fit, know also that it is permissible to be apart from the crowd, to be a bit different from a given group, in fact, to be a Christian with unique character. Being outside the bindings of a local church membership doesn’t make you “better” than others but neither does it make you “less” than others. However, being a church sojourner does make you a different type of Christian, not different as in someone living a carnal, self-indulgent self-willed life, but rather as someone apart from the traditionally established concept of church and Christian assembly. To be so is neither good nor bad..

The Holy Spirit records it in this manner:

”And John answered and said, Master, we saw one casting out devils in thy name; and we forbad him, because he followeth not with us. And Jesus said unto him, Forbid him not: for he that is not against us is for us,” Luke 9:49-50 (KJV)

Your Christian Character is not unnoticed.


To Help a Hurting People, Including Weary Christians Sojourners, Spiritual Leadership Ψ Christian Character Offers:

Honest presentation of bible truths
Open forum discussions for Sojourning church goers
Growth in Christian Character and Spiritual Leadership
Up-front examination of Spiritual Malpractice and its effects within the body of Christ
A sensitive grasp of what it means to be a “different.” breed of Christian
Bible examples of Christian failures and Christian successes
God inspired practical lessons in daily Christian living
AND verse by verse bible study


Spiritual Authority and Failed Moral Character

Although good moral character is no evidence of salvation, the power of salvation should always produce strong evidence of Christian character. Yet character failure remains a major component of human flesh. When Christian Character FailsSometimes those in spiritual authority strike the rock rather than speak to the rock. Such errors do not make your church leaders wicked, cruel or lost. Scripture declares Moses the meekest man in all the earth (Numbers 12:3). Yet there came a time when anger exploded within his heart and this man, Moses, permitted pride to control his actions, (Numbers 20:11). As such, he dishonored God with his words.

Leadership mistakes occur, as do other character failures - and that sometimes more often than any of us care to admit. Yet remember also, that although God judged Moses for claiming God’s work for his own, the man was not abandoned before the eyes of the people. Disappointment with a given church assembly must never become disappointment with the Church of Jesus Christ nor with God.

Spiritual Leadership Ψ Christian Character is devoted to people who are weary of:

Voices without character
Judgmental spiritual leaders
Bickering church members
Spiritual complacency
Doctrinal dogmatism
The clique mentality
AND all the host of other complications that in some manner leave Christ-loving Christians frustrated with the organizations that claim to operate in his name


Moral Failure Within the Members of a Local Church Assembly

Sometimes members of the flock rebel, stumble or merely miss a stepping-stone. Pride demands predominance, even to thepoint of spiritual leaders misusing the pulpit to boast upon themselves as though they preach from some self-acquired might rather than from the mercy and grace bestowed by God. Likewise comes among the church assembly selfish gossip leading to bitterness and bickering such that in the end none are of the same mind (Philippians 4:2). It’s not roses out here, my fellow Christian sojourner. Sometimes the water overflows the ship, and sometimes the ship actually sinks. Let not a bad experiences cripple your spiritual growth or your commitment to love and honor both God and His people.

A Kingdom Scattered Due To Christian Waste of Precious Treasures

The old tale of how your presence will make any perfect church imperfect is a common means of convincing church members to accept any manner of shoddy leadership, church complacency or lack of spiritual discernment in church management. Yet the Holy Spirit clearly reminds us of how often church growth turns inward rather than outward. People sometimes become so interested in self-exaltation that they never permit growth to exceed the bounds of personal control. This, my friend, is a lack of faith. We claim that God deals with our enemies and then we use the power of man as our weapons of battle.

Salvation comes not from the power of your personal delivery of the message but rather from the power of the Message itself backed by the conviction of the Holy Spirit. The less a man considers himself, the greater will work that supernatural power of God (1 Corinthians 2:1-5).

When a church assembly grows complacent, God sometimes does a bit of rattling (Acts 8:1). You may get caught up in the shaker. Thus arises a stream of personal examinations and crosschecks. Uncertainty can enter your thoughts. Perhaps you are indeed the one that caused a “perfect” church assembly to loose its standing before God. I say only that your examination must be applied honestly and openly to known scripture. And if the Spirit of conviction lays upon you a troubled heart, go back to your first place and be at peace. However, if the Spirit sets you free to pursue a new course in Christ Jesus, do as you are lead and forsake not praying for your old place.

Satan, The Master of Poor Christian Character and Moral Failure

In some church assemblies, Satan is permitted to grip the wheel of navigation. Then, in time, the ship runs aground (Rev. 2:12-17). From this church assembly, my friend, you are wise to flee. It is far better to wander between churches than to be captured in a church assembly governed by sin, be it mismanagement or be it pure corruption.

To Sojourn is Not the Forsaking of Christian Assembly

Spiritual Leadership Ψ Christian Character is not designed to replace your Christian responsibility to come together with fellow believers. However, sometimes the path leads into desert grounds, and a watering hole helps you find rest during the journey. You may ramble from church assembly to church assembly. You may take up residence at a soup kitchen or a nursing home or a prison ministry. You may go to Sunday School without attending Sunday morning worship. You may go to Sunday morning worship while avoiding Sunday School. Too many Christian assemblies have come to believe themselves uniquely God’s chosen assembly. This is error and creates the primary source of Christian disruption. Do not be a partaker.

Christian Character and church attendanceThe U.S. is filled with 10s of 1000s and 1000s of sojourning Christians caught somewhere between religion, misstated promises, personal conflicts and the certain knowledge that they too follow God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit as nearly as the bounds of this human flesh will permit. Frustration with local church conflicts or failures may hinder your weekly participation in organized groups, but it should never prevent your daily participation in Christian ministry..

Never let anyone convince you that the Body of Christ is limited to a particular denomination, a special church group or the instructions penned by certain exact English authors. Scripture is both inspired and interpreted by the Holy Spirit. He is not fooled by fancy words or by the language in which those words are delivered. He knows your pain, your love and your passion for His leadership. It is He who reveals all truth, uncovers all lies and ensures that an honest child of God receives spiritual wisdom and enlightenment.

Spiritual Leadership Ψ Christian Character doesn’t take sides. I am not here to help you condemn the pastors, leaders, teachers, denominations or church members from your past. I am here to provide a reliable waterhole for faithful Christians who are for some reason or another disgruntled with organized church.

I am also here for those who are at peace with a local church assembly, but seeking greater knowledge and enlightenment. I am also here for those who have never come to know the love of Christ.

Join me. I look forward to a living this Christ ordained journey.


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